Smart Air Purifier

July 15th, 2018  |  Published in Demos

The Smart Air Purifier is a prototype resulting from an industry partnership. The Smart Air Purifier is a sensor platform consisting of various sensors and a microcontroller with an additional Bluetooth chip. The system is able to determine the temperature, humidity, various gases, and the fine dust content of the ambient air. A value representing the air quality is then calculated based on this data. The interaction with the system and presentation of measured values is carried out via a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone running the corresponding App.

The system is based on a commercially available product which was modified to a great extent. The main component is a specially designed circuit board that holds a microcontroller and a Bluetooth Low Energy long-range module as well as the environmental sensors. A small ventilator draws in air from the side and guides it to the sensors. The system can be powered either through a 12-volt cigarette lighter socket or a 5-volt USB power supply.

As soon as the purifier is powered on, an RGB led indicates the current air quality in traffic light colors. An Android app was developed which not only shows the calculated quality index but also individual sensor values. Furthermore, several Air Purifiers can be connected to construct a heat map of the air quality.

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