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Chosen: Cooperative Hybrid Objects Sensor Networks. Chosen researches, develops and applies a ultra-low power standard chipset for wireless sensor nodes that will be SOA/Web2.0 enabled. The sensor node will have features as wake-up-on-radio pattern and will integrate directly into Web 2.0 applications. Applications areas cover automotive and avionics. TU Braunschweig leads the middleware and system/integration effort of this project.
The high level objective of the CHOSeN project is to develop application-specifically adaptable communication technologies enabling the real deployment of smart wireless sensor networks in large-scale, performance-critical application fields like the automotive and the aeronautic. Application scenarios in these fields entail a complex and heterogeneous set-up, in which different nodes require or provide different performance. An important aspect is the support and the compatibility with other vehicle networks, both new and legacy.

The CHOSeN project will develop a new hardware and software platform enabling distributed optimal execution and scalable performances. The new middleware architecture will also support the system auto-configuration through dynamic resources discovery and management.

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Selected Publications

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Infineon, TU Vienna, Commissariat a l’Energie Atomique, EADS, Fiat

Research Topics:

Wireless sensor networks, Web 2.0, SOA, Ubiquitous Computing applications, ultra-low power

Application and economic dissemination:

standard wireless sensor platform, applications in avionics, automotive

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