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uParts are tiny little sensor network nodes that are very easy to deploy and run a 0-administration and low configuration (or 0-configuration when used with default) approach. The projects researches how to reach minimum deployment and maintenance costs of a sensor network and includes research on long lifetime hardware, 0-maintanance communication protocols, lower production costs and optimised application developer interfaces for ad-hoc programming. Application runs throughout the world provide feedback information that are evaluated in the project.

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Selected Publications

Michael Beigl, Christian Decker, Albert Krohn, Till Riedel, Tobias Zimmer (2005) uParts: Low cost sensor networks at scale, Demo at Ubicomp 2005, Tokyo, Japan, pdf

Michael Beigl, Albert Krohn, Tobias Zimmer, Christian Decker (2004) Typical Sensors needed in Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing, p. 153-158, url




Hide Tokuda Lab, Keio University

Research Topics:

TCO for Sensor networks, ad-hoc programming for sensor network environments, communication protocols, application tests7k

Application and economic dissemination:

Prototype, Used for several projects



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