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Michael Beigl
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Michael Beigl is Senior Researcher at the University of Karlsruhe, from where he obtained both his MSc (1995) and PhD (Dr.-Ing)(2000) degrees in computing. His PhD thesis about Ubiquitous Computing environments (Kommunikation in interaktiven Räumen) received the FZI price for the best thesis of the year 2000. He technical led the group’s Ubiquitous Computing effort until 2000, was director of the TecO research group until early 2006. Michael was guest professor at Hide Tokuda Lab, Keio University, Japan in autum 2005 and is professor at the Technische Universität Braunschweig from March 1, 2006. He is co-founder and member of the supervisory board of Particle Computer, a award winning spin-off company for Ubicomp technology. His research interests evolve around people at the center of communication and information technology, with specific interest in embedded systems, mobile and ubiquitous networks, novel information appliances and artefacts, human-computer interaction, location models and systems, novel sensor technology and in context awareness. Michael is also strongly involved in Computer Science courses (Informatikstudium).

Research Interest
Here is a list of my publications. My research focuses on embedding of computing technology into artefacts and environments with emphasis on ubiquitous computing, embedded systems and human-computer interaction (HCI). The most interesting question that drives my research is what implication ubiquitous computing (ubicomp) environments with many non-intrusive interconnected devices (e.g. appliance networks and communication) have to the way humans interact with computers and how can that be reflected in system design (starting from hardware over software to human-computer interface): how should such computer be integrated into the environment and everyday objects (digital artefacts and embedded systems), how can all these small human-computer interfaces work together (communication & networks) and form one interface (HCI), how can they perceive their environment (context awareness, new sensor hardware and perception algorithms), in what way differs interaction in such environments from today known human-computer interaction (e.g. implicit HCI and ambient systems) and what are then the implication for an overall interface and for systems providing such an interface. As my research is application centered I designed and build some experimental applications and enabling technology (Particle Computer/Smart-Its, Smart Surroundings, UbicompBrowser, MediaCup, Point&Click, ElectronicManual, AmbientTelepresence, SmartDoorPlate) and are involved in projects looking at design and use of ambient intelligence in applications as Supply Chain and Life-Cycle Management (e.g. COBIS, DigiClip). Here the research focuses on engineering questions (hardware-software co-design, design support and administration tools) and on special focus problems (esp. ultra-low power networks based on new transmission schemes, energy-aware and ultra-low-power design, wireless energy transmission, advanced RFID technology, location systems (e.g. RELATE)).

Complementary I do some research in operating ubiquitous computing system, in the area of handheld computing, location and environment aware computing, mainly utilizing the PalmPilot, infrared technology, novel location sensors and RFID technology. An older research theme of mine was mobile computing with focus on mobile aware middleware for applications.

TecO Responsibilities

I am leading the TecO as senior researcher and director. Additionally I am technically involved in some of the TecO projects, currently COBIS (fundet by the EU under framework 6), RELATE (EU, FP6), DigiClip (funded by SAP) and Smart Surroundings (funded by the Dutch BSISK). I was technically leading the Smart-Its and RELATE projects (both EU, FP5). The project is part of the European initiative The Disappearing Computer, and funded in part by the Commission of the European Union. I am also responsible for the official Web virtual library on Handheld Computing. Furthermore I am resposible for industrial collaboration.

Older projects I was responsible include projects with Microsoft including the Microsoft Microsoft Internet Beratung für Schulen (MIB), the former ms-aic, the Mercado EU-project, a Multimedia Pilot which is based on Digital´s Mikado kiosk technology (shown at CeBIT´98). Other projects are the Microsoft Internet Call Center ('95-'97) and the AltaVista for T-Online project. In the AltaVista for T-Online project (a cooperation between the TecO and Digital Equipment, CEC Karlsruhe) a full text index service based on Digital's AltaVista technology for the German T-Online service (a prerelease was shown at CeBIT HOME´96) was developed.

Recent Projects



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