Behnam Banitalebi

I have joint Teco since April-2010 pursuing my PhD under the supervision Prof. Dr.-Ing Michael Beigl. Currently I am working as research assistant.

Research Interest:

My current research is mainly on data communication in wireless ad-hoc and sensor networks. My main objective is to increase reliability and flexibility of data communication in these networks in an energy efficient and distributed fashion. For this, I am working in following areas:

As second research interest, I work in the area of pervasive healthcare; more specifically, the application of contact thermography sensors for wearable sensing and detection of obnormalities such as harmful pressure on the legs.


Open Thesis:

If you are interested in working in the areas of routing, channel access and data communication in ad-hoc and wireless sensor networks, please feel free to contact me to introduce topics for Master or Diploma thesis. If you have ideas related to my research interests and like to discuss with somebody, I will be happy to help you.





Before 2010