Software Campus: VDAR – An IT Project of Future Decentralized Power Markets

November 5th, 2012  |  Published in Research


The Software Campus integrates higher education and research projects in an innovative dual concept. It embeds students in a partnership with leading German IT companies, offering them relevant workshops and career mentoring by top managers. The goal of the Software Campus is to establish a top-ranked qualification program at the highest scientific level in which industry and academia work together to create first-class curricula. It also tries to offer a glimpse of the wide range of innovative career paths and professional fields in IT and software expertise, and to generate enthusiasm for an IT management career for men and women alike.


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The research project of TECO in Software Campus 2011: Distributed Autonomic Control Systems for Decentralized Energy Markets (VDAR), which proposes hybrid approaches with distributed control loops to realize a real-time controlled energy market model through interacting with physical power systems.

To address this problem, our research proposal focuses on a feedback control model to interconnect the physical grid and the economic market in a decoupled control loop. The proposed control loop consists of two subsystems, namely an Optimal Power Flow (OPF)-based physical system and a Continuous Double Auction (CDA)-based economic system. A dynamic coefficient matrix generated by the Locational Marginal Pricing (LMP) algorithm is adopted for the market clearing mechanism to account for the real-time power flow and transmission constraints.

VDAR system architecture

Figure 1: VDAR system architecture



01/07/2012 – 30/06/2014

Industrial partner of TECO



distributed feedback control, energy market modeling, anytime prediction, service-oriented architecture, optimal power flow, continuous double auction, locational marginal pricing


Yong Ding,


VDAR CeBIT exhibit

Figure 2: VDAR CeBIT exhibit


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